Call for Events

call for events

Are you an artist with a skill to share? A macramé master? A plant lover and natural teacher? A vintage collector looking for a spot to have a sale? We want to hear from you!

Funhouse is a retail store and community space that offers pop-up events and workshops that bring folks together. We are currently accepting event proposals to add to our calendar this fall. Please read the following details before submitting:


We are interested in hosting a variety of pop-up events where we can share our space with local and regional artists, musicians, designers, vintage sellers, plant sellers, educators, etc. Pop-up events will be added to our events calendar and promoted through our newsletter and social media channels. 

Some types of pop-up events we are interested in (but not limited to:)

  • art exhibitions
  • live music
  • vintage clothing sales
  • artists selling handmade wares
  • plant sales/swaps
  • baked goods (must be certified cottage business)
  • record sales/swaps

The nitty gritty on pop-up events:

sales: We have an attached warehouse where we can host artists and vendors looking to sell their wares for the day. There is a $25 fee to set up, and we will promote your sale on our social media channels, newsletter, and put it on our events calendar. 

art exhibitions: There is a limited amount of wall space in the store that would be perfect for small, intimate art exhibitions. Funhouse takes a 30% commission on art sales, and would sponsor an opening reception which would include a limited amount of refreshments. We ask that artwork be on view for a month.

live music: We have a small stage in our storefront area as well as in our warehouse. The storefront stage is best suited for acoustic sets or more chill acts. Shows are typically free admission but with a suggested donation, with the band being paid by the house. Payment is determined based on act and details of the event.


Workshops are a great way to spread knowledge, make friends, and expand our creativity. We are looking for some great workshops to add to our events calendar this year and we need YOU to help us do that! 

Some topics that we are interested in hosting (but not limited to):

  • art making (various mediums)
  • zine making
  • textile processes
  • soap or candle making
  • tarot for beginners
  • astrology for beginners
  • creative & professional development topics
  • gardening or herbal medicine topics

Funhouse is comprised of a retail storefront space, a warehouse space, and a shipping room that can be used for smaller hands on workshops. Once we hear about the details of your workshop's needs we can decide which part of the space it would be best suited. We are able to provide up to 20 foldout chairs, 5 foldout tables, electricity, a utility sink, and a single bathroom. Once details of the workshop are established it will be added to our events calendar, promoted as a FB event, and will be promoted through Funhouse's social media channels and newsletter. Workshop teachers are expected to also do their own promotion in order to create the best possible turnout.

The nitty gritty on workshops:

Funhouse has a hosting fee of 20% of workshop ticket sales + half of the credit card processing fees. We would also love to offer a certain number of free workshops for attendees depending on the nature of the workshop. In cases like this we would pay the workshop teacher an hourly rate (determined on an individual basis)

Teachers don't have to be certified or have a degree in the topic that they are teaching. However, we do expect you to have a certain level of experience and knowledge on the topic so that workshop participants walk away with an enriching experience. 


Ready to submit your event idea? Fill out the form here and someone will reach back out if (and only if) we feel it's a good fit!